Commercial & Residential VRF And VRV Heating And Cooling

Let Nyzio Sheet Metal design and install a VRF or ductless mini split system for your application.
We work closely with utility companies and manufacturers in order to design your system.
Generous rebates are available.
We install top manufacturers such as: Mitsubishi & Samsung.


What is VRF?

VRF stands for variable refrigerant flow, which goes a surprisingly long way toward describing how this system uses refrigerant for both air conditioning and heating. In a nutshell, VRF is a ductless, large-scale system for HVAC that performs at a high capacity.

Unlike conventional air conditioning, VRF allows multiple indoor units to run on the same system, which is designed differently depending on the application. VRF systems are considered either a heat pump system or a heat recovery system, which can heat and cool simultaneously.

VRF systems obtain their high efficiency through the use of inverter compressors. Inverter systems allow the compressor to ramp up or down based on the needs within each space. A non-inverter system ramps up the compressor at full capacity all the time. Essentially it’s either on or off.  With inverter systems operating at lower speeds and capacity, the efficiency gains can be substantial.

This versatility means VRF products are customizable to meet the specifications of virtually any project, making them particularly appealing for commercial spaces and facility managers.